Day 116- December 15, 2009

Another day of not very much. I slept. Maxim and I sang Christmas carols (doing We Three Kings in parts and whatnot). Then I got sick of Christmas carols and moved onto Queen. I need about five more voices to get all the parts in Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Hmm… should get James’ family over. I also vacuumed, while singing loudly. And out of key. Singing seemed to be a major part of today (more to come).

I also tried to print the nametags for Syezd, but ran into a considerable amount of difficulty. The idea is that the nametags come with perforated sheets of paper onto which you can print five nametags. However, my printer doesn’t seem to be very good at all (perhaps that’s what you get for paying $70 for a printer…) and has a fit if you put in anything that’s not A4. So it’s printing all over the place, or just refusing to take the paper. So now I’ve given up and will print them at Dad’s work. Heh. I made the priests’ nametags so they say M.I.B.. I’m sure they will be amused.

And then in the evening we had to leave the nice cool house and go to a choral rehearsal. My aunt Inna (the one who tells stories about magical pickled cucumbers) for some reason brought along vegan feta cheese in case anybody wanted to buy. It’s endorsed by a Greek archbishop! (I really have no idea what impact that would play on anybody’s purchases). We left early, but it was still quite enough singing in Russian for me. They don’t tend to bother with regular time signatures like the rest of us.

It’s ok, though. We went and got chocolate sundaes afterwards. Today’s photo is a testament to the anticipation and excitement that is waiting in the drive-thru. Well, it’s not really. It’s more like a desperate attempt to take a photo of something, anything. Some days are like that.


One response to “Day 116- December 15, 2009

  1. I “lol-ed” so much at the Feta Cheese thing. And I don’t know why. It was BRILLIANT!

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