Day 117- December 16, 2009

Woah. Heat. Argh. Stay inside! Quite hot today. It’s days like these that make me glad for our two air conditioners (suck on that, environment!).

I cleaned the shower in the morning and because I was using a bleach and using the shower head to rinse, I stripped down to underpants so I wouldn’t get bleach and water on my clothes. Having downloaded some music last night, I did the job while listening to Led Zeppelin. Naturally, as a citizen of the modern age, I updated my Facebook status to “Sasha Sheko is cleaning the shower in his underwear, listening to Led Zeppelin”. I got three “likes”. Not quite sure if that’s the Led Zeppelin part or the underpants part. I’m slightly disturbed nonetheless (and of course it’s my fault for posting such a ridiculous status in the first place, I know).

Andrew came over around lunchtime, bringing with him two guitar and an amp so that we could rock out and such. When I went to pick him up, we had to put the amp in the backseat as the boot is full of tshirts and other Syezd paraphernalia, so we strapped it in with the seatbeat. It kind of looked like a person sitting there; a short, cubic (no surprise considering it’s a Cube 60) person, but a person nonetheless. In return for picking him up, he’s given me one of his guitars to loan and taught me the four basic chords I need to play about 90% of music. I am now more musically talented on the guitar than The Sex Pistols (it’s was all about the image with them, really). So, in the absence of anything remotely interesting to photograph, today’s photo is of Maxim pretending to play the guitar. Mum got us jamming, which of course included an accordion.

Then, Dad and I had to go to the garage and get an old bed so I’d have something to sleep on seeing as Sarah’s got my room while she’s staying here. I tried sleeping on the couch in the study last time but that was extremely uncomfortable. I thought that this would be a simple procedure of moving the couch to the garage and getting out a mattress. Not so. Firstly, the couch must be maneuvered through doorways, which involves rotating it though about 90 degrees and then watching that you don’t crush your fingers. Did I mention that the couch folds out? Then several cars had to be moved (two, really, but let’s not nitpick) so that we could get the couch to the garage. After that, it was discovered that the mattress and bed were situated behind several meters and kilograms of what can really only be described as “junk”. It was a bit like one of those poltergeist movies where the inanimate objects come to life and try to kill you. I was almost decapitated by a poorly secured metal hammock stand, Indiana Jones-style. Dad was similarly almost done in by some metallic object, the purpose of which I will probably never know. And so it went on, and for some reason Dad had to balance the bed on his head at one point (I started singing “I Must Go and Fetch the Water” from Jungle Book). Also, I couldn’t find the house keys. It was all very epic.

And now to sleep, for I must face several confusing roads on the way to the airport to pick up Sarah tomorrow.


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