Day 118- December 17, 2009

Woo! Sarah’s here! In fact, you could say she’s sitting right next to me. In fact, that would be a very sensible thing to say because in actual fact she is sitting next to me. I mean, unless you were just stating that fact out of context. That would definitely not be sensible. You could also say that she’s back to stealing my stuff. In today’s photo you can see that she has commandeered both my jumper and my laptop. Obviously I have wrested control of the latter back, as I am blogging (blog ergo sum). And her flight arrived at a reasonable time today, delayed by only half an hour (as opposed to something like six hours last time…).

I spent the morning all jittery and anticipatory (this description is for the benefit of Sasha H, who complained that yesterday’s post wasn’t excited enough), internally pacing because I couldn’t be bothered actually getting up and pacing normally. I even sank to the depths of agreeing to watch Family Guy with Maxim. And played House of the Rising Sun about a dozen times. No significance, just ridiculously easy to play (when one has been playing guitar for less than 24 hours and can’t manage all them tricky chords like F that you need for While My Guitar Gently Weeps).

I went off to James’ for a bit to drop off the Big Day Out tickets (wasn’t really comfortable with $450 worth of tickets in my room) and very rudely interrupted him just as he was about to take a shower. Being the marvelous host that he is, he managed to put on a Beatles tshirt, make me a cup of tea and discuss the Church of England for a bit. I was a bit surprised to see a kitten at their place, as I’d forgotten that his sister Meg recently got one for her birthday. They now have six children and three animals in the house, which is quite enough for any reasonable person (and most unreasonable ones). The kitten delighted one and all by running around and knocking stuff off tables. Oh, to be a kitten again.

After the Syezd meeting, Sarah and I went out to Richmond to see some music (our previous plans of going to the Moonlight Cinema being rained out). Unfortunately, I have ABSOLUTELY NO PHOTOS of the event since on getting there and pulling out the camera, I noticed it was missing the battery. Doh! If this was a sitcom, the camera would cut to the battery sitting on the floor of the study in its charger. But this isn’t TV, so blah. One of the bands playing included two music teachers from my high school, one of which taught me piano at one point, and I also bumped into another half dozen people. Bumped into here meaning seeing people I knew, not clumsily walking into people and causing them grief and inconvenience (just clearing that up). It was pretty good, even though we missed at least half of the first set because another pianist came on and played with some saxophonists, singing about coffee and tea at one point. I liked that. Coffee is good. Mmm. Oh, and to tie it all together, we saw a pub called the Rising Sun (“There is a pub in Burnley Street/That they call the Rising Sun…”). Heh.


One response to “Day 118- December 17, 2009

  1. I’m terribly sorry about the rain… That film would’ve been so very delightful…

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