Day 119- December 18, 2009

It was a dark and stormy night. In fact, it was a clear and reasonably sunny morning, but that is not a very dramatic beginning to anything. Sarah and I headed down to the local park for some swordfighting (don’t worry, they were pretend swords!) and slipperydippering on the slipperydip. Of course, the weather was a cantankerous old personification of a natural process and switched from cold and overcast to viciously sunny and back as soon as we had removed or put back on our jumpers.

In any case, we fended off the assaults of the elements (argh sudden sunlight!) and returned home for lunch and Arrested Development (you know, the usual combination) before heading out to the city, where we saw some variety of beatboxer (the machine seemed to be doing a lot of it for him) on the way to Mag Nation so that Sarah could use a voucher she’d been given. We then went present shopping at Haigh’s (shopping = drooling at several varieties of chocolate) before getting some Brunetti’s gelato and eating it on the cathedral lawns. For some reason, the junkies/alcoholics/chromers that normally sit there were gone (Centrelink payday, perhaps?), so we thought that we would enjoy our icy treats in peace. However, this was not to be (Murphy’s Law) and we were set upon by a trio of most aggressive seagulls, who obviously had something to prove.

After sitting in the Alexandra Gardens for a while, we went back to Federation Square to meet Alice and Alex (spotting some smoking Santas on the way) and go to see some student film screenings (which is to say, films made by graduates of the VCA film course). Some of the films were interesting. Some of the films seemed to be rather pointless, such as the one that consisted almost entirely of close-ups of taxi drivers eating Indian food (to a Bollywood soundtrack!). Another was an animation piece that I could only guess was supposed to be about mental illness, but just resulted in giving everyone a headache. Alex of course was a huge dick throughout, refusing to clap and then attempting to get me to do the same (he can do better, apparently). The first film (the longest) was pretty interesting, and the last was really well shot (even Alex agreed!) and featured some fairly amusing Asian photo-posing (XD).

We then walked to Degraves Street, bid adieu to Alex, and had coffee, discussing bands with animals in their titles and the history of Thanksgiving. Sarah and I were going to head back, but decided instead to go for a walk in Docklands (i.e. ghost town), where we spotted some bizarre sci-fi-style Christmas decorations and a man contemplating the unforgiving sea docks. On the train ride home, we happened to get talking to a man who was playing Hold’Em on his phone, and who ended up giving me his phone to play a few hands. It was concluded that the merits of phone poker include the fact that you don’t lose any real money or your kneecaps.

Finally, we had a quick bite to eat before Dad drove Maxim, Sarah and me out to The Boulevard in Ivanhoe so that we could see (and photograph!) the famous Christmas lights. There were some somewhat tasteful ones, there were some gaudy ones and there were some downright creepy ones (see Today’s Photo– are the animals screaming?). There were lots of  singing Santas (even a Homer Simpson one!), children walking around with flashing reindeer antlers or something like that; and people taking photos. Ha, I wasn’t the only one this time!


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