Day 120- December 19, 2009

Oh no! I didn’t get my post done last night. But it’s ok. As long as it’s in by 11am, it still counts as yesterday (hooray for time zones!).

Well, we did spend a lot of time watching movies. We were meant to go to Maribyrnong for a picnic but decided that the weather looked too iffy and plonked ourselves down on the couch instead. Of course, the weather took a turn for the better, just because it’s a bitch. I really should never watch The Producers ever, ever again because whenever I do, it means singing “Make it gay, make it gay, make it gay!” for at least the rest of the day. Then we watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which had me singing Sweet Transvestite. Oh well, at least it’s not as disturbing as when Dad sings that song. And as if that wasn’t enough of musicals, we sang most of the first act of Jesus Christ Superstar (and some of Cabaret). God, my voice is stuffed from switching between bass for Caiaphas and falsetto for Annas (and Kermit for when I do Herod’s Song).

Instead of going to the Astor (because I really did not want to see The Portrait of Dorian Gray, what with Oscar Wilde turning in his grave and everything), we went to the Botanical Gardens to see Fantastic Mr Fox at the Moonlight Cinema (pictured). When we got to Flinders Street, we heard an awful noise that many people consider to be the skilled playing of a musical instrument, and saw a guy dressed as Buckethead. Or it could have been the real Buckethead; we never would have known. Unless we took off his mask (but then again, I don’t know what looks like under the mask). We also tried the Obama sauce at Lord of the Fries, and wondered what McCain or Palin sauces would have tasted like.

The movie was really good, mixing different style of animation and a pretty good soundtrack. It’s been ages since I’ve read the book, so I can’t remember which bits were from the book and which ones weren’t, but it was interesting and witty and well-directed. I really don’t know enough about film to say any more, but it was good. And Fantastic Mr Fox was voiced by George Clooney. Now he’s fantastic.


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