Day 121- December 20, 2009

Yo Peeps

Sasha is busy organising shit (otherwise known as lunch) for tomorrow (we’re going on an adventure), and has left the blogging to me. I think I’m possibly being used, but he assures me that I should be honoured. I don’t however get to choose the photo of the day, something I’m less than impressed about… oh well, when one is merely a substitute one can’t have everything one wants.

So, today was supposed to be a lovely group outing to Willamstown. It was a lovely outing, but definitely not a group one. I think people may have been put off by the thought of being third wheel (totally understandable), and Sasha’s previous track record of failed Williamstown trips (people don’t seem to appreciate ending up in Sunshine for some reason).

Lunch was fish and chips in a lovely little outdoor court-yardy thing with a healthy population of sparrows. Fish and chips tend to sit rather heavily in the stomach, so lunch was followed by lying in the park trying to avoid the flying  soccer balls and chips (this random old dude threw chips at us – totally uncalled for). There was some kind of market/collection of stalls happening, so once we had sufficiently digested our lunch we went and checked it out. We bought badges. A Beatles one for Sash, a “saucy wench” one for me, and a “Meh.” one for Anna. It was most happy making, badges are awesome.

At some point, we decided that beer was needed, and then proceeded to wait FOREVER to be tended to. That might have possibly have had something to do with the fact that our table was behind a tree, and therefore barely visible. It was ok though, the table across from us was singing Happy Birthday, and playing loud clapping games, and although annoying provided some degree of entertainment.

We had a bit of time before our ferry, so we ate icecream. Sasha had particularly brightly coloured icecream in a variety of fruity flavours. I stuck to safe things, namely chocolate. And mint with choc chips, a most wonderful thing. The ferry driver seemed to pay minimal attention to where he was going, being deeply involved in a conversation about terrorism with the ship’s boy (but no ship’s cat) and some elderly passengers.

So all of you people who bailed on us, thats what you missed out on. You all suck.

(Also, we made fruity, berry-y crumble in the evening. You wouldn’t have gotten that if you came during the day, but it was teh shizz anyway- Sasha).


One response to “Day 121- December 20, 2009

  1. Sarah blogging on Sasha’s blog…
    The world has gone TOPSY TURVY!
    In a good way.

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