Day 123- December 22, 2009

After a largely uneventful morning of blogging and hanging up clothes (and bedsheets now cleansed of dog urine), we all went to my grandma’s for lunch and recipe searching. Sarah and I looked through cooking magazines (and a book of traditional German baking featuring such treats as pfeffernusse) and we all enjoyed a lunch of roast chicken and lasagna. The lasagna was filled with olives, a vegetable which I will not abide, so I pretty much ransacked the lasagna with my fork, removing the offending object and placing them on Sarah’s plate. Then, I reformed the mess into a vaguely cubic shape. It was still good.

After sitting in the backyard for some time (picking and polishing plums from the plum tree in the backyard, then hanging them up on the clothesline to be artsy), we went into the city to have coffee with Georgie and then meet up with James & Co. Being a food enthusiast, he had found that certain restaurants in the Docklands/New Quay had a 50% off deal. It was pretty good– a large main, a dessert and a drink for under $20. I got a large burger and some chips. James, of course Enjoyed His Life (I’m thinking of creating a Flickr set of him engaged in that activity). And then dessert. I had tiramisu and Sarah had the Largest Piece of Lemon Cake In The Universe. It was epic– see her reaction in Today’s Photo.

Then we went back and went home, opting to watch Dylan Moran on the couch rather than three hours of James Cameron showing off. I have to go now, Dylan is funny.


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