Day 124- December 23, 2009


Today was rather warm. I rather enjoyed the heat and was even feeling a bit chilly inside the the air-con blasting, but thats just me being a “crazy New South Welshman(woman)”, according to Sasha (and everyone else).

Being partially of German origin Sasha and his family do Christmas on Christmas Eve, so today Sasha and I made tarts to add to the multitude of dessert options already available for tomorrow. It was a long process involving Kitchen Aids, vanilla beans, large quantities of brandy (the most important part of cooking) and trying to get the stones out of cherries.

At some point we went out to try and get various things printed ready for syezd (which starts on Saturday) which involved stopping first at Sasha’s father’s work, and then at Officeworks (where we were served by a flamboyant Bruno look-alike) and then driving around looking for a printer.

(And now we’re drinking coffee and discussing the 70s and fan fiction. By the way, “wotcher” is some sort of Cockney greeting that Sarah picked up from Harry Potter. Tonks is apparently the bomb- Sasha).


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