Day 125- December 24, 2009

Argh. I have a food baby. More like food triplets, really. And the contractions are starting. I should probably stop with the pregnancy metaphor now; it’s getting creepy. But yes, it’s Christmas Eve, which explains why I have a belly full of food and such. Argh.

It started like any normal day, with a complicated trip to Officeworks (of course). I had to get the Syezd booklets printed on account of not being able to do it at home or anywhere else and Syezd starting on Saturday. Of course, the guy there the other day who knew how to print wasn’t there and the girl who was there didn’t know how to print. Of course. It took a few tries to get the pages printed so that they weren’t upside down relative to each other and at the right darkness. And so forth and so forth.

Ah ha! But that is where the fun began! For when we got home, Sarah and I (mainly Sarah) had to get the booklets and along with a pen, nametag, nametag holder and exercise book; put them into a folder. For this is known as the “Syezd Pack” and is like a fast food value deal except for the fact that there’s no food involved (Sarah wanted lollipops in the pack, but I declined, citing budget concerns and overheads and other businessy terms). Of course, this was all terribly tiresome work, so I let Sarah do it while I vacuumed the house (which was really even more tiresome work).

And then we prepared for Christmas and all that, what with going to my grandma’s to collect three hundred metric tonnes of food in a washing basket (no, really) and fitting cans of soft drink into the back fridge in and around the chicken schnitzels. Church came next, which is to say the Lutheran church that my grandma went to as a child. This involved the singing of carols (in German), listening to Bible readings (also in German), and in Sarah’s case, almost being knocked over (by a German person).

By this time, I was rather hungry and let everybody know about it. So we came home and I ate. I ate quite a bit. And now I’m full and letting everybody know about it. It’s not quite irony, but you know what I mean. There was also the opening of the presents (because of Christmas and all). I scored (among other things), a Bowie piano songbook, some pretty cool tshirts (I’m wearing the one with partying Communists that Sarah got for me right now) and a variety of objects designed to allow me to carry hot coffee around with me. Score. There was other stuff, but it’s one oclock now and I have to go to bed.


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