Day 128- December 27, 2009

The day began with church, as Sundays sometimes do. However, it was all lengthened due to the presence of the bishop, because this adds layers of ceremony to the service. So it ended up being quite long indeed, and I managed to catch quite a bit of it despite being in and out helping with setting up for lunch. This mostly meant moving several cases of beer and wine from the upstairs bathroom (did not know we had a shower there) to downstairs and stacking it in tubs of ice.

Then came lunch, which was an interesting crowd control challenge given that only people with Syezd registration or pre-bought tickets could attend, due to catering reasons. Sasha H and I were bouncers, albeit somewhat timid ones. We did get better at asking to see tickets, though. And in dealing with aggrieved persons who had not pre-brought a ticket and could not accept the injustice of the situation. The spread was fairly large and so I had plenty to eat, even though I don’t like most seafood (prawns, oysters, etc.).

After selling beer for a while and then a lecture, we went up to the park across the road and spun around, swung and things like that (you know, playground things). Today’s photo is Sarah swinging around on the twirly thing. I’m sure it has an Official Name, but I really can’t be bothered right now. Then another lecture, in which many games of fences (or “boxes” if you’re weird like that) were played. I think Faith won. I built a canoe out of paper. Most productive.

Finally, instead of staying to watch the movie (only because there were projector troubles—it had Clive Owen in it!), Sarah and I went off to get chips and came back to watch some movie with the others. By movie, I mean we tried to watch some Black Books, then Chocolat, but then watched Big Fish because the others didn’t work. Argh.


One response to “Day 128- December 27, 2009

  1. I love Big Fish. Tim Burton is great!

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