Day 129- December 28, 2009

I think these posts are getting shorter. And kind of late. It’s really not my fault. In fact, you should congratulate me for keeping this going through the tribulations of no internet connection and such. In fact, I’m writing this (yesterday’s) post while sitting through a lecture/discussion on how youth should get more involved in things.

Yesterday started with getting up early for breakfast and a failed trip to Officeworks (it was a public holiday), then lectures and stuff. I won’t go into it here, but it involved stem cells and souls and was very confusing.

Then came time for the afternoon free time, what with the clergy having to go to some sort of meeting. In past years, this has involved a group trip such as to the beach or paintballing, but since this year’s Syezd is being held in Brunswick, close to the city, we took groups of people into the city and into St Kilda for tours.

I took a tour group which went through some arcades and laneways, going through Bourke Street to Flinders Street and stopping off to look at shops and cafes. I was a bit relieved when most of the group split off to go to Southbank, considering it was rather difficult to make sure nobody was getting lost and that everybody was getting enough time to look through shops.

So the rest of us (being me, Sarah, Maxim, Anna and Faith—some of whom are pictured in Today’s Photo) went off on an adventure fuelled by gelato, chips, lollies and a huge lump of sugar that Sarah bought as an offcut from a lolly shop. She tried to break it up by crashing it down onto a rock, but ended up being somewhat too enthusiastic and smashed it to bits, most of which exploded out into the gardens.

But we enjoyed our lying on the grass and eating things that were bad for us, before heading back to the hall for dinner (yeah, right) and more lengthy lectures and discussions which went on forever and ever and ever. Luckily, it eventually finished (after 10pm) and Sarah and I went off to the Toff for a drink before heading back and watching some bizarre Spanish film on SBS in which children killed a guy with pointy sticks. Yeah.


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