Day 130- December 29, 2009

Oh dear. It’s quite late on the 30th and I’m only just writing the post now. But I suppose it’s healthy to let go of the obsession. Also, it’s been all late nights and early mornings and no internet, so I didn’t really feel like it.

The day was pretty much the same as the one before. Except there were fewer breaks. It was pretty full-on moving from one lecture or discussion workshop to another, especially considering that everything was running on “Russian time” and discussion periods usually lasted twice as long as they were scheduled. It wasn’t too bad though, as it at least the discussions did not go past 10pm as with the day before.

After dinner, we held a trivia night. The last night of the Syezd typically consists of a talent contest, but participation in that sort of thing is always patchy at best (although it does sometimes produce hilarious results). We picked most of the questions from Trivial Pursuit (it was a 1998 edition, so we had our fingers crossed that the answers were still correct), but also asked some of the clergy to come up with (rather esoteric) religiously-themed questions. There was much contesting of questions and accusations of cheating, but in the end, Team Chimera (“Ten Heads, One Soul”) won the tie-breaker round and with it a bottle of Russian Standard. The runners-up (Mostly Single and Desperate) came second place and won some fruit cups (sans spoons).


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