Day 131- December 30, 2009

Today was the last day of Syezd. I’m kinda relieved, because I haven’t been getting too much sleep and I’m kinda of getting sick of motel showers.

After breakfast (in which Valentina mashed tomatoes into her bread for some reason), it came time to give acknowledgements, which involved me mentally sizing up clergy (as inconspicuously as possible) in order to decide what size of free tshirt to give them. It wasn’t too bad– Dad and I got a few mugs and bottles of wine out of the deal. We then put on our Syezd tshirts (how daggy) and wrote messages on the backs (how high school– see Today’s Photo). I even got it signed by the bishop (woo!).

After lunch, Sarah had some time before they had to leave for Gosford (by car), so the two of us went out to Rathdowne Street for coffee as I was getting extremely severe withdrawal symptoms (might actually have a problem). The coffee was good and the cafe was cool; nice considering the weather was pretty hot. And then we went back and went our separate ways (sniff). Oh well, I’m up in Sydney in about a week (woo).

On getting home, I got to getting on top of my photos (downloading, pruning, editing, uploading, fiddling, etc.) and have put some up on Flickr and made an album on Facebook. Some of my photos even went up on the Diocesan website. Oh, and we drank leftover wine. It’s all good.


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