Day 132- December 31, 2009

A nice sleep-in today after waking up early for prayers and breakfast for the last couple of days. A few ham rolls and a somewhat troublesome trip to the petrol station (the pump was playing up and the whole thing took about as long) and I was off to Josiah’s place for a “jam session”.

If you are unfamiliar with music, you may be forgiven for thinking that this event somehow involved fruit-based condiments (har har terrible joke). Basically, he invited a bunch of us over to play music and improvise and all that (henceforth known as “jamming”). We got through quite a few songs (with varying degrees of success), spanning from the Beatles and Queen to Herbie Hancock and Chuck Berry, as well as some original stuff. It was rather hot (38 degrees) but we still had a great time, refreshing ourselves with Zooper Dupers (a type of icypole) and Pepsi Max (this is not a paid advertisement). Today’s photo is from Josiah’s place and is of his sister Ruby’s odd socks (didn’t really get to take photos of jamming considering I was mostly involved).

And soon I’m off to celebrate the New Year with a party at Ben’s. Much better than going out into the city with millions of people (all either violent drunks or screaming children) and thunderstorms. It’s the end of the year, so I feel I should do some sort of retrospective. It’s been an interesting year for me, what with starting university and having finished my first year. I also got my driver’s license and became interested in photography. It’s been a rather big part of my life, what with carrying my camera almost everywhere and spending ages on taking and doing things to photos.

It’s also the end of the decade, which is sort of strange to look back on. Particularly at my age, a lot happens in a decade. I remember New Years Eve 1999, what with the fear of Y2K and the evening being spent mostly in bed reading Biggles. The 2000s have been mostly high school for me, with the tail end of primary school and the start of university. In 2000, I played Pokemon on my Gameboy Colour and imagined being an investigative journalist when I grew up. My grade four teacher was Mrs Vilchez, who hated me because I was the kind of obnoxious child that corrected her spelling mistakes and generally made things troublesome for lazy teachers. Ten years have passed and I’m still obnoxious. Some things don’t change (haven’t played Pokemon for a while, though).


2 responses to “Day 132- December 31, 2009

  1. I know thos socks!

  2. I wouldn’t say Obnoxious. You’re great!
    Happy New Year and all that!

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