Day 134- January 2, 2010

Not much to write about today. In fact, that’s why Today’s Photo is of the lights on our Christmas tree. Well, they’re quite out of focus. But I couldn’t really get the Christmas tree to look how I wanted it to, so I went for bokeh. Bokeh is cool.

Most of the day was spent putting off vacuuming the house, which is the kind of thing that seems like it could be a metaphor if it was in literature, perhaps symbolising an unwillingness to accept mortality (or an unwillingness to vacuum the house). It’s a long shot, but I haven’t read much of “literature”  (you know, that monolithic entity), hence the new year’s resolution to read more. The main obstacle is to finish Twilight first. I started it because I needed to know what I was mercilessly mocking and criticising, but it’s just really not engaging. I’m up to what probably is the most exciting part of the book (or rather, the least uninteresting), and it’s still been sitting on my coffee table unread for a few weeks.

So it’s Twilight, then possibly The Slap (also on my coffee table, underneath a book of Chinese myths from an antique shop) or A Clockwork Orange, depending on whether or not I can be bothered going to the library to get the latter. I think that if end up reading it, I should download the soundtrack and play it whilst doing so. Wendy (or Walter) Carlos is one crazy cat. I’ve also got some books from Christmas to look over, including a book of barbecue recipes and a really brilliant one on photography.

The evening was spent watching Pan’s Labyrinth (quite brutal, but a lovely soundtrack) and looking through old photos and videos Mum found on her computer. It’s interesting seeing how much has changed in less than five years. Even more interesting to see what has changed in thirty or more.


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