Day 137- January 5, 2010

Well, Today’s Photo is kind of abstract, on account of not having anything concrete to photograph. What a pity. I was just in an abstract-y kind of mood and took a photo out of the living room into the backyard, focusing on the frame and grimy glass. And I don’t have anything to enter for today’s Daily Shoot challenge. It’s a website I found yesterday where a challenge is set every day to take a particular type of photo. Today’s theme was a subject in a reflection in a body of water. Well I just couldn’t be bothered. Where am I going to get a body of water? It’s ridiculous!

Today wasn’t completely boring. Well, it might be to you reading this, but that’s your fault for living vicariously through my exciting blog adventures. I downloaded quite a bit of music, starting with some recommendations that had been made a while ago and which I never followed up. I enjoyed listening to the Fleet Foxes, suggested by Alice, so I also followed her recommendation to get some music by Grizzly Bear and Animal Collective (easy to remember– there’s an animal theme going here). I also had a look at some lists on Pitchfork (best of the decade, etc.) and downloaded some stuff by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, St. Vincent, Phoenix, Pains of Being Pure at Heart (what a band name); and the latest albums by The Flaming Lips and (don’t judge me) Green Day. So that’s a decent amount music to get through, combined with the Steely Dan and Led Zeppelin discographies I downloaded a few weeks ago and haven’t really listened to yet. I’m listening to The Flaming Lips’ new album Embryonic right now. It’s good.

Again, if anybody has any suggestions, I would be greatly appreciative. I’m really in the mood for something summery; the kinds of 60s-ish songs you hear in heavily post-processed advertisements for mobile phones that imply that their $50 a month super SMS plan comes free with fun-filled roadtrips with super-attractive and diverse friends (who laugh all the time and never have to stop for petrol). Something like Belle and Sebastian. I really like them.

Apart from that, I managed to back up several dozen gigabytes worth of photos to free up some room on my hard drive and finished the photography book I got for Christmas. Now starting on the Photoshop one I got from the library. Up to chapter four. Woot!


4 responses to “Day 137- January 5, 2010

  1. Body of water can be found in the sink, bathtub, toilet, bathtub, bucket.

  2. It appears we have two bathtubs.

  3. Music wise, you want summer-y…
    My version of Summer-y is latin and mambo! So get some Mongo Santamaria!

  4. You and your Mongo Santamaria. I meant indie pop. You know, shit with xylophones.

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