Day 138- January 6, 2010

Oh, joy! I managed to get photos for both yesterday’s and today’s Daily Shoot challenges! I shot them both at church, the first being the reflection in an icon of the chandelier which is in Today’s Photo (yesterday’s challenge: reflection) and the second being an oil lamp (today’s challenge: a light source) or, in Russian, a lampada. The main reason for going to church was that today is Christmas Eve. What?! I hear you splutter. But Christmas Eve was almost two weeks ago! Of course it was. But we’re Russians and we do it differently (a long story involving Julius Caesar, at least one Pope and strange mathematical calculations). And if you play your cards right, you get twice as many presents.

So we went to church, and we’ll go tomorrow morning, and because I’ve been asked to take some photos of the whole shebang for the diocesan website, I was a complete pain in the neck and took photos the whole service (and will do the same tomorrow…). And then we had dinner and presents and dessert and coffee. God I’m stuffed. And I got some more ties. Nothing to do with food, but I did mention presents in the same sentence. Please don’t expect me to make sense. It’s almost 1 o’clock now and if I don’t finish typing this soon, I’ll be an absolute zombie tomorrow.

Earlier today, I had a doctor’s appointment and was treated to the marvellous experience that medical professionals call “sitting in the waiting room for over an hour”. Luckily, there was some 60 Minutes expose on Japanese gangster lords illegally getting liver transplants (of all things), and by the time the Dr Phil special on women getting married in their 50s started, I was almost sorry to be called up. The waiting room was populated almost exclusively by septuagenarians, some of whom looked rather displeased when Hannah Montana came on the television. That’s alright, Grandma. I don’t like her either.

I went to Northland after that to get some photos printed. It’s that kind of shopping centre where it doesn’t matter how many times they modernise and renovate– it’s really the clientele they need to replace. Too much Ed Hardy… Anyway, I went to a Kodak shop and was served by a Jackie Chan look-alike with atrocious halitosis (the rhyme was unintentional at the time, but I’m going with it). Since the only photo album in the store that wasn’t made of flimsy plastic or have the word “BABY” on it was too expensive (not to mention I couldn’t stand the bad breath for much longer), I went instead to Kmart, where I found a nice small photo album for much cheaper and even managed to get my photos re-printed for free after the machine printed the first batch out way too dark (“It’s just the way you took them”, the girl explained).

And then to the supermarket, where I made the fatal mistake of assuming that since I only had a few items on my list, I would not require the services of a shopping basket. Holding everything works fine until your mother rings up and adds to the list. Then how will you hold onto the chives while trying not to drop the dinner rolls? But it all turned out in the end.

Good night now, and Merry Christmas!


One response to “Day 138- January 6, 2010

  1. Lettuce, a bunch of chives, breadrolls. Yeah, that’s too much to hold, sorry.

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