Day 139- January 7, 2010

Christmas today (of the Orthodox variety)! I was taking some photos for the diocesan website whilst attempting to remain a valued and contributing member of the choir. It involved multi-tasking, careful timing and mumbling words. I just sent some off and will link to the website when they’re up. Among those I took were another of a parishioner putting up candles (I like candlelight!), Dad and Fr Nick and the Christmas tree in the altar.

We went out for lunch afterwards with some family friends, including my goddaughter’s family, to a restaurant on the Maribyrnong River. The children played with their new toys, I enjoyed my fish and chips, and some, um, rather interesting fashions were attempted (that’s a small green bird Christmas decoration, by the way). I got a tie (to add to the collection of ties I have received this Christmas… will never have to go tie shopping again!) and a calendar made up of photos of my goddaughter (“The Godfather Calendar”, as it was called).

And because that wasn’t enough, we went to my cousin Anna’s new place, as she had been hosting Christmas for that side of the family this year. Despite arriving at about 5pm, we stayed on for a few hours of vortex throwing, general reclining, meat eating and board gaming. Well, it wasn’t really a board game because there was no board. It was called Taboo and the aim was to describe a word or phrase to your team, without using any derivative of that word or any of the five related words on the card. It’s surprisingly difficult. You end up using the word “thing” quite a bit.  Today’s photo is of Julia with Anna’s dog, Eddie. He’s quite woolly and loves pretty much everybody. I think that’s a good summation of Eddie.


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