Day 140- January 8, 2010

Quite a hot day. In fact it made today’s Daily Shoot challenge that much more difficult (#53: Snow and ice). Not that I’d get much snow in Melbourne either way, but it just seemed particularly mean of them. I ended up taking this one of a Christmas snowflake decoration we have up. I tried taking a photo of some ice, but it didn’t really work out. I’ll have to work on my ice photography skills.  By the way, Today’s Photo is of the door to the back room with the freezer and the aforementioned ice. I liked the black in the photo and tried it again with this shot of my darkened bedroom (with only a bit of light coming in through the corner of the blind).

Earlier today, I managed to get a start on January’s Book, which I have decided won’t be A Clockwork Orange, but rather The Slap (by Australian author Christos Tsiolkas)– more because the local library didn’t have the former title in stock than any legitimate literary reason. I’ve only read the first five pages, but I guess I’ll get quite a bit of time to get into it tomorrow. I’m off to Sarah’s and my flight leaves from the international terminal for some reason, which means more time at the airport and more opportunity to read.

Andrew also came over for a bit and, as always, began by playing on the piano. I think somebody needs to buy him one of his own. We also ate various things (as you do) and watched a few episodes of the IT Crowd, but then he had to go off to see Big Bad Voodoo Daddy (a swing band). So I’ve packed for tomorrow and I’ve taken my photos and I’m charging all my electronicals (totally a word) and am now watching Death at a Funeral with the family. It’s quite bizarre. I would highly recommend it.


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