Day 141- January 9, 2010

Up nice and early and off to Sarah’s. And by “early” and “off to Sarah’s”, I mean nice and early to an extensive airport delay (engine problems, apparently). Another mistake I made was taking advantage of a flight that appeared to be a good one. The catch was that it departed from and arrived from international terminals. This meant security and stamping this and that and having to line up in the “special” customs queue for air crew, diplomatic passport holders and domestic passengers (that’s me!).

The delay was quite annoying, but I got myself a chocolate muffin and a particularly horrible coffee from a particularly rude barista (they’re only allowed to be rude if they make brilliant coffee, but this was rather shite) and sat myself down to read my first real book in a while (having previously read Twilight), The Slap. The story revolves around a child being slapped at a family barbecue and the repercussions of this on various people, each of their perspectives being told in respective chapters. It’s especially good because it’s set in Melbourne and I know all the locations. Heh.

Anyway, so after I managed to get on the plane (after another delay on the ground and yet another in the air, of course), I finally arrived in Sydney, wading through a myriad of scouts from New Zealand and Air China hostesses. And then by train up to Woy Woy and Sarah’s place. So far we’ve had pizza, watched a Dylan Moran DVD, had a jump on their new trampoline (pictured) and are now watching December Boys.


One response to “Day 141- January 9, 2010

  1. Glad you finally made it to your destination! Was your flight a case of “too good to be true”??

    You’re in a beautiful part of the world – my grandparents lived near Terrigal and I spent many Christmas holidays at Terrigal and Wamberal beaches on the NSW Central Coast.

    Enjoy your break…

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