Day 142- January 10, 2010

Up nice and early for church. We went to Strathfield (pretty close to Sydney) from the Central Coast– about an hour’s journey. The service wasn’t that bad– everything was sung at pretty close to triple speed– even if it was a bit hot (oh wah, I know).

Afterwards, we talked to a few people before heading off to lunch. Faith had met up with Sarah, Anna and me; and we went to Croydon with Valentina and Ioanna to a cafe. It was pretty cool– the suburb kind of reminds me of Ivanhoe– and my chicken burger was nice. How excellent.

We talked about the merits of the new tourism ad for Sydney (Anna likes it; I think it looks like an ad for cancer awareness) and various types of cheese (the American variety is apparently particularly terrible). Before heading back up to the Coast, we stopped by a Kmart so that Faith could buy some swimwear and Valentina could model some of the choice fashion available there (pictured).

Later in the day, we went to the beach (which involved building sandcastles, dumping seaweed on each others’ heads and getting saltwater in our lungs) and watched another Dylan Moran DVD. He really is quite funny. Dinner was pasta (a sort of carbonara) and then after a short break, some trampolining, in which I finally managed to do a forward flip.


One response to “Day 142- January 10, 2010

  1. you should have done a back-flip Sash

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