Day 143- January 11, 2010

After more trampolining, we headed off to the beach again. Jo built a (not to scale, according to Anna) model of Stonehenge and we swam around a bit more. Sarah got some water in her ear, but it’s ok now.

Then home and more trampolining. I managed to bounce Jo quite high– in the fetal position, he got over a metre up. Also, Anna and Faith made Nutella cupcakes (pictured). I think we’ve eaten almost all of them.

In the evening, we went to the video store and rented Mary and Max, which we’d seen before, and Twilight, which we obviously hadn’t. But since I’ve read the book (ironically), we thought we should see it to see whether it was really that bad. Don’t worry James- it is! The characters were just as one-dimensional as in the book, although thankfully it was far less drawn-out. It was quite funny at times (what with the actors’ fairly limited emotional range, the somewhat terrible dialogue and ridiculous… um, everything) but also cringe-worthy in parts. And by parts, I mean most of the movie.

Oh well. At least Mary and Max is a most excellent film. Tissues were required.


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