Day 144- January 12, 2010

Another hot day. Nothing to do for it except go to the beach. That, and jump on the trampoline. But that’s not very useful for making one feel less hot. I don’t know if it’s the heat, but a whole bunch of large birds have been appearing in the backyard (more on Flickr). We looked them up in a bird book (an ornithorpedia?) and apparently they’re Australian King Parrots. They look pretty nice and are happy to let people walk right up to them. Jo is still trying to get them to eat out of his hand.

After the beach and a fish and chips lunch in which I rescued some pool supplies which fell off the back of a truck and Sarah and I tried a deep-fried Mars bar, we went shopping for the evening’s meal. We made a chicken risotto and some fruit crumble and cinnamon icecream for dessert. It was well-received.

It’s still pretty hot now, but at least there’s a nice breeze coming through some open windows. I think I need to shower at least twice an hour- which is troublesome in itself as they make me feel damp and humid. I think I need a Manny-style cooling apparatus (the episode in which he gets “Dave’s Syndrome” and wears a bunch of fans strapped to his head).


3 responses to “Day 144- January 12, 2010

  1. I haven’t told you this before but you were born with Dave Syndrome. Just be careful.

    Our cool change has hit and we’re off to Warrandyte for breakfast. Avatar was surprisingly enjoyable. Last night we dined at the Denn – tried and true. Have a good time, start off a Flickr set for birds!

  2. Avatar? I might have to see it now!

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