Day 145- January 13, 2010

Somewhat cooler today. I love how most of my recent posts have been about the weather, but as a Melbournian, I am very aware of weather. And as a Melbournian on holiday interstate, I am very aware of my differences and my need to maintain a separate identity. Well, that’s the line I’m taking.

I decided to stop taking pictures of the parrots and so enjoyed a nice morning of relaxation (without photography) and reading before we baked some potato and sweet potato for lunch. Then, as is custom, we went to the beach. It was a bit too cold to swim, so instead we all went for a walk. Sarah pretended to be dead and was promptly covered by seaweed and then Anna decided to sit in some kind of drain (the one that smelled the least bad of the three).

We crossed the road at some point to find the largest amount of ducks I have seen since I was in Richmond, Tasmania (pictured). There were several dozen congregating in the front yards of some houses, and also spilling out onto the street. Luckily, there was a duck crossing sign! (“You ducks are really trying my patience… but you’re so cute!”- Apu). I even chased some across the street. It was most hilarious.

Then, when we came home, a most wonderful thunderstorm began, um, thundering (please advise me if there is a better verb for the occasion). I went outside to take some photos, but it was quite cloudy and although I could see the flashes, the bolts were on the other side of the house. But then the power went out. So we lit a bunch of candles and when the storm had passed, we jumped on the wet trampoline. I got some pretty awesome shots of people doing somersaults and having water thrown on them. What fun!


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