Day 146- January 14, 2010

Sarah’s friends Emily and Kirsten came over today. They’d been in Queensland (ew) picking up a car for Emily and dropped in on their way back to Sydney. We had meant to go to the beach with them (how unusual!) but the weather was a bit cool so we went for a walk instead. The ducks were there again, and in seemingly greater numbers. They’re cute, but pretty stupid animals and somewhat freaky in the way they move as a group (zombie ducks much?). I took some more photos, but I thought I’d spare you all (or “spare y’all”, if you come from the South).

Before that, we had lunch and Emily and I exchanged Simpsons references. God, it’s good to have someone around who understands me. I’ll have to get Sarah the complete set of Simpsons DVDs (well, at least up to season 12 or something). We also had banana cake with lunch. Om nom nom.

In the evening, the Tafettes (called so because they are Sarah’s friends from TAFE) left and we ate flied lice while watching Scrapheap Challange and drinking freshly squeezed/pulped apple and carrot juice. I’ve been bestowed honorary Tafette status because of that barista course I did. It was issued through the Dubbo Institute of TAFE. Woot for me. Also woot for Scrapheap Challenge. Drag racing in dangerous-looking “vehicles” made of, well, scrap never looked so good.


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