Day 147- January 15, 2010

Sarah and I decided to go into the city for the day, having spent most of my time up here at the Central Coast. We hopped into the car and drove down to Berowra to catch the train (it’s cheaper that way), singing along on the way.

Our first stop was Newtown, which she had wanted to show me as it was a regular feature of her childhood, having grown up in the Inner West (not the Outer West, like me). For anybody who doesn’t know (like me up to now), Newtown could sort of be described as the Sydney equivalent of Melbourne’s Fitzroy, what with its alternative clothing and styles, cafes and organic food (they even have a Happy Herb Shop!).

After having a quite large plate of nachos in a cafe named after Corelli (Maxim would be pleased), we walked down the street and found a Latin American shop in which the owner made us try on $300 hand-woven hats (while explaining the history of the art), a button shop and some very very large Middle Eastern pots (unfortunately, no picture…).

Then we turned the corner so that Sarah could show me Alfalfa House, an organic grocery her family used to frequent (pictured). It was good. We got some chocolate. But on the way, we sidetracked into a vintage clothing store where I managed to buy three shirts for $20. A rather flamboyant fellow (who we thought worked at the shop, but was actually just a friend of the owner’s and hanging out there) took it upon himself to assist us in our search. And by assist, I mean he also kept making suggestive comments, grabbed my bum a few times and then recommended I buy some leather pants (which actually fitted quite well and were reasonably priced). It was all very amused. But no, I did not get the leather pants.

We took the train to the city and ended up seeing Up In The Air (the new George Clooney movie) at Circular Quay. I thought it was pretty good– funny but also quite clever. Clooney played a man whose job it was to travel around the country and handle the task of firing people. Of course, he is always moving and has no ties, no commitments and no relationships. In the end, he finds that this cannot make him happy, blah blah blah. I realise I’ve just made it sound quite boring and trite, but it was a good movie and luckily didn’t have a happy ending (I was scared that it would at some point). Go see it.


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