Day 149- January 17, 2010

Well, I’m getting back on track with the blog posts. Although I can’t upload photos for some reason, I can do the posts and then put up the photos when I get home. Please don’t stop reading; I’ll be so very lonely…

Sunday was church, as happens. The church up here (West Gosford) is situated in an industrial lot, a warehouse kind of place. It’s next to a Harley Davidson museum, which is more than most churches can say for themselves; and is itself built out of one of the warehouse-y type blocks. It was a bit of a surprise the first time I came here and saw that there was actually a Russian Orthodox church behind the metal roller door.

After the service and sitting around the back taking photos of dragonflies, mops on barbed wire (ooh social commentary much?) and Peter splashing around in puddles, we went home to rescue Anna’s friends, who had arrived while we were at church and thus were forced to go into the back yard and play on the trampoline. Terrible fate, isn’t it? Anyway, Faith was back, having spent about a week here and disappearing only for a night to visit her aunt. Also stranded in the backyard was another friend of Anna’s that she had met at TAFE orientation… from Malta! (How exotic!).

We went to the beach (what a surprise!), but get this… it was a different beach. This one had waves, even if it was very shallow. It went down to about chest height quickly enough, but then stayed at that depth for about fifteen million kilometres. In fact, Jo and I waded out so far in search of some depth that a life guard came round to ask if we were all right. The water was up to about shoulder height there. Oh well, it was still fun. And I managed to “catch” a few waves. What with my lack of surfing/bodyboarding equipment and skills.

Once we were sick of swimming (well actually, it started to rain and our towels were about to get wet), we picked up some fish and chups (to use the New Zealander parlance) and ate them in a small park close to the beach while Jo played on the playground. He’s such a little man. Actually, he’s coming up on me in height, having long surpassed Sarah, but that is completely irrelevant.

Surely we did something else that day, but writing several days later and only having a few photos as memory guides, I really can’t remember. On to the next day!


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