Day 150- January 18, 2010

Sasha came over today. Which is to say that Barlow came over today. I am the original Sasha, so he is known by his surname. But that’s cool. Even if his dislike of the Beatles isn’t.

We picked him up from the station all wearing hats. Well, Sarah was wearing the hat I bought her for Christmas and Faith was wearing the hat she had bought with a voucher earlier that day and I was attempting to wear my hat in the car; a tricky feat considering that my head barely fits in cars as it is. We brought a hat for Barlow, but I don’t think he warmed to the idea. We picked up Anna from work and went to 304, a local cafe, for lunch. It’s a pretty good place and has really good coffee (Hallelujah!). I only brought one container of coffee, so I’ve been experiencing severe coffee withdrawals on and off over here when I haven’t been able to get it. Thank God for cafes.

Anyway, back to lunch. We had lunch and drank various lemonades and told entertaining stories. Laughing in cafes always makes me feel like I’m in an advertisement, which is a great disappointment, since I should be paid for something like that. After a brief detour home to change into swimmers, jump on the trampoline (apparently I have a girly scream when I bounce up quite high) and eat some freshly baked bread before heading off to the beach for floating around, dunking people and making continual Simpsons references.

And then we went home for showers before more church, during which Barlow was conscripted into the church choir. I somehow managed to avoid this calamity, probably by going to the toilet at an opportune time. O Fortune!


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