Day 151- January 19, 2010

Church today, what with it being Theophany, the one where Jesus gets baptised. The historical implication of this is that we all too must be drenched in holy water. I think the priests enjoy it. I know Dad’s almost drowned people on occasion. Well, it was church interrupted by being sent on a shopping run halfway through to get salad vegetables for the lunch after the service. Mmm capsicum.

So there was church and the blessing of the water and the sprinkling of the water and the eating of lunch, which consisted of various salads and surprisingly good barbecued sausages. I’ve just written four days worth of posts, so I’m getting a bit tired of this. It suffices to say that during the remainder of the day, I started reading A Clockwork Orange, had a completely awesome banana milkshake, made bracelets with Sarah (why not?) and then attempted to watch The Phantom of the Opera only to give up halfway through. I need subtitles!


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