Day 153- January 21, 2010

We drove to Terrigal today, a pretty busy beach town. Sarah had some things to do, so I walked along the beach and took some photos. They weren’t very interesting and the sun was getting quite hot, so I went to find a cafe where I could sit and read. I found an icecream place that had about forty flavours, which is always quite annoying because it takes ages to choose which ones you want. Of course, it is also quite delicious, so that’s ok.

I finally managed to choose some flavours, including ginger, which I’d never seen as a icecream flavour before. It was pretty good. Gingery, obviously. The icecream place also had a special called “The Kitchen Sink”, whereby for $25 you would get fifteen scoops of your choice of flavours with chocolate sauce and other sundae-y type stuff served in a literal kitchen sink. I stuck with a cup and two scoops. How boring. At least I was reading A Clockwork Orange, which is pretty interesting, even if trying to read Nadsat slows you down (I refuse to use a dictionary/glossary). And it’s making me want to watch the film again.

We then drove to Erina to see Avatar in 3D, it being all hyped and such. The animation was certainly impressive. I don’t even want to think how long it took to do some of the scenes, because that kind of thing makes me cringe. But then of course the film was horrendously cliched and filled with plot holes. Did anybody expect anything different? I just can’t believe how high the approval rating is on Rotten Tomatoes, especially among the top critics. They must have been very impressed by the visuals. That, or Cameron’s billion-dollar budget included a significant “paying-off-reviewers” fund.


2 responses to “Day 153- January 21, 2010

  1. I enjoy reading your posts, but the absence of photos makes it feel like you’re writing in the dark. Even your writing is subdued. Soon you’ll be able to bring the visuals back – looking forward to it.

  2. When I was younger I always wanted to teach at the Catholic primary school at Terrigal which is situated up on the headland – I thought it would be the best place to do Yard Duty because of the amazing ocean and beach views!! Alas they have since sold off the land at the front of the school and it is now covered in units seeking “prime beach views”….

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