Day 154- January 22, 2010

We headed down to the beach today for one last swim. I think I’m going to miss it being so close by, but a holiday is always nice, especially if you remember to put on sunscreen. I swam around a bit and then came out to join Sarah sitting on the sand and watching local bogan kids viciously assault each other. The oldest couldn’t have been more than about twelve, but was yelling all manner of vulgarities at one of the others and trying to wrestle him out of his tricycle-thing  by shoving him over onto the concrete and kicking him pretty hard. How lovely.

We then had to drive Anna and Jo to their book club at the Gosford library via Officeworks and had lunch at 304 (again… it’s sort of like my Denn away from Denn). I got an iced chocolate instead of the iced coffee that I asked for, but it was still good. I might have to go get some coffee now– starting to withdraw. Heh. What a junkie I am.

After dinner, we headed off to the beach (a different one this time) with some snacks and beer to finish off the last night of my holiday here. I’m going to be pretty busy when I get back, what with a Beatles party, a trip to the Dandenongs and Big Day Out. It will be good to do all that and to be back at home and be able to do my photos and all that; but I’ll miss being up here. Oh well. Next time.


3 responses to “Day 154- January 22, 2010

  1. and the Spanish restaurant, not to mention the trio for the Head of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.

  2. Huzzah! Beatles party!

  3. Oops, wrong bishop.

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