Day 155- January 23, 2010

Well, I’m back in Melbourne now, having touched down only a few hours ago. I’ve come home to the bathroom towels being replaced by bright red ones that shed fluff all over the place (they were on sale, apparently) and Lena having snuck into my room and put up an Obama poster. Exactly what I want.

Sarah and I spent most of today in the city (Sydney, that is), having had one last coffee at 304 and said goodbye to her family. We went to the Museum of Contemporary Art (pictured), mainly because their cloakroom is a free and convenient place to store large pieces of luggage, and had a look around, finding some interesting things in their store. Apart from the myriad of amazing and prohibitively expensive art/design/fashion/photography books, they had funky gadgets and toys, including miniature Kombies and replica Lomo cameras with accessories (drool).

After a cafe stop, we had a look through a bookshop, finding, among other things, a very funny parody of Twilight (can’t remember its name, but I’ll have to find it!), some excellent cookbooks and an entire shelf of Penguin Classics. Sarah had to practically pull me out of there, and especially away from the mortally perilous “1001 X You Must Y Before You Die” books. We then had chocolate pancakes and got stranded by a torrential downpour before eventually making it to the station and to the airport.

We toasted to the holiday that was with Gloria Jean’s frozen chocolate something-or-other (with extra caramel sauce and chocolate sprinkles) before saying goodbye. I had the misfortune of sitting next to a bunch of rather idiotic men on the plane. One of them looked around my age, but the other two looked in their 30s or 40s. However, they all acted about 15, hitting each other and laughing loudly and stupidly. I managed to find a spare window seat at the back of the plane, so I moved there, but when the plane had landed, I saw that they were being yelled at by some guy. He was short, Italian or something like that, and looked like a cross between a frog and a falcon. Apparently the Three Idiots had been making fun of people around them and so this fellow was angrily telling them off for being rude and inconsiderate, going so far as to offer to fight them. Unfortunately, no such fight eventuated.

And now I must leave you, for it is time to sleep. A bishop from Canada is coming to church tomorrow and I have to sing or something. C’est ma vie.


One response to “Day 155- January 23, 2010

  1. the Twilight parody was called Nightlight I think

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