Day 156- January 24, 2010

Church this morning, featuring a visiting bishop from Canada and singing in a trio. Well, there were four people singing, but it was three parts, so that sort of counts. Actually, it was good because I wasn’t too great with my part and Maxim doubling it. And then, after two weeks of being up at the Coast and meeting all sorts of people who knew me when I was “THIS high”, I got a blessing from the bishop, who remembered me from when I was “THIS high”. I never get tired of hearing that.

After an afternoon of unpacking and uploading photos to Flickr (I can’t be bothered to go back though the posts and put links, so you’ll just have to look at the set), I headed off to Josiah’s. His mum had some people over and we played some Beatles. I was on piano and we also had guitar, clarinet, saxophone, some sort of bongo drum (it had a name, but I forgot) and a double bass (pictured). It was really fun- we played She’s A Woman, Back In The USSR, Girl, and I’m Only Sleeping among others, taking turns singing and soloing. Will have to do this again some time.

Dinner was good, being a barbecue. The sausages were amazing– bull boar and coriander and chili (I’ll have to find out where they got them)– and the steaks were huge and delicious (the best way to have steaks). Will definitely have to do this again some time.


One response to “Day 156- January 24, 2010

  1. The drum is called a “djembe”.

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