Day 157- January 25, 2010

It was Mum’s namesday today, so we drove up to Mt Dandenong for breakfast. After getting lost for a bit and then being almost locked out of the carpark, we managed to find the cafe (by which time, we were all pretty hungry). The cafe was situated within a very large garden, so after breakfast and coffee, we went down and walked through its several acres. I took heaps of photos of flowers and trees and the such, which are all up on Flickr.

We went into Olinda, the nearby town, and had a look through various shops, including one that sold kitchenwares, another which was Turkish (IN WHICH NO PHOTOGRAPHY WAS PERMITTED!) and finally one that was filled with random crap, like ornate masks, sextants, canes and strange furniture. We also visited the lolly shop and had pies for lunch (pies were excellent, service was awful).

In the evening, we went out for dinner to a place called Anada. It’s a Spanish tapas restaurant in Gertrude Street, Fitzroy. We ordered a variety of dishes including king fish, lamb cutlets, lentils on croutons and some VERY tasty mushrooms. Being tapas, it was pretty expensive, but incredibly delicious. I also had some Czech beer, which was pretty cool. We then went home to have dessert and watch Up. It’s such a great movie.

And woo for Big Day Out tomorrow!


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