Day 159- January 27, 2010

I had a job interview today with a tutoring academy that a family friend worked out. Unfortunately, the interview was in Maidstone, north-west of Footscray and not very reachable by public transport. This necessitated a drive across town and getting lost in the western suburbs. Luckily, I eventually found the place I was meant to go to, although I was surprised to find it was the manager’s house, instead of some sort of head office.

The interview involved me and about eight other candidates sitting around the kitchen table with the two managers. We all had to introduce ourselves and talk about what sorts of things would qualify us for the job. There was a bit of a mix, there being some undergraduate students like me, some other postgraduate ones and a woman that had taught overseas for several years. We were told that, since the job started on Saturday, we would be notified later in the day or tomorrow morning. But as soon as I got in my car, I got a call telling me to come back and pick up some materials, as I was accepted. So now it seems I will be spending my Saturday afternoons teaching year 9 and 10 English and Maths. Woot.

After driving home and eating a not-so-healthy mix of sausages, chocolate and chips, I got to going through the photos from yesterday and have uploaded some of them here. There’s more on Facebook. Since I was lazy and didn’t take a photo of anything actually interesting, Today’s Photo is of the bowel cancer screening kit that came in the mail today for Mum. Inside the mysterious package from the Australian Government were some booklets, some tubes, a few scoop-y things (ewww) and some hilarious instructions (Step 2: Defecate Onto The Sheet). Baha.


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