Day 160- January 28, 2010

A few days ago, Josiah lent me a copy of Dead Set, a British five-part series about zombies and Big Brother. Basically, the zombies have attacked and people are hiding in the house and the studio. I have just made it sound quite boring, which is an excellent talent of mine, but it’s actually quite good. The scene in which zombies attack a party, set to Mika’s Grace Kelly, is absolutely golden. I’ve only watched the first episode, so I can’t really say any more, but it’s pretty good. I’ve never seen a zombie in a wheelchair before, though…

After zombies and cleaning up my room (partially) and eating way too much chocolate, I went into the city to meet with Jackie, since we had totally failed at catching up at the Big Day Out. At Melbourne Central, we saw a busker (pictured) who, when I was giving a donation, introduced himself as Simon and offered to play me a song. He was a cross between Tim Minchin and Bob Dylan, but on rollerskates. When I inquired which songs he knew, he told me that he improvised music and only needed me to give him three topics with which to work. Off the top of my head, I came up with Tony Abbott, a fez and Ed Hardy. He then proceeded to sing a mostly incomprehensible but very amusing song, whilst strumming wildly and breaking into a skating routine at some point. So that definitely won the award for Craziest Thing of the Day.

We then took the tram down to Brunetti’s and had icecream while discussing the relative merits of Twilight, Gerard Butler and Muse. We also watched a trapeze thing that had been set up in City Square so that Ordinary Folks Just Like You could partake in exciting acrobatics and occasionally not fail at it.

Earlier in the day, I had realised that there was a clash between an all-day rehearsal for the musical and my first day at my new job at the tutoring school. I pleaded with the director of music for the production to let me off for the day and she had accepted, on the condition that she receive flowers or chocolate. So we went off to Darrell Lea to find a suitable chocoalte-y gift and found a nice box of chocolate shells, but not before seeing a Not-Quite-There woman come into the shop and yell something about “American propaganda” to the cashier for about five minutes. And that is the runner-up for Craziest Thing of the Day.

By this point, I required a coffee, so we went to a cafe in Block Place and had a coffee (well, Jackie had a hot chocolate) and some wedges. Of course, this was a very classy cafe, so it was called something like “roasted hand-cut potatoes”. I wonder what fancy name they have for Coke. We sat and talked a while of many things, including Catholics, people who whinge a lot on Facebook and Radiohead. A most brilliant choice of topics.


One response to “Day 160- January 28, 2010

  1. Hooray for Deadset!

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