Day 161- January 29, 2010

Back to rehearsals today. More vocal exercises and choreography and people being yelled at. Oh, and we have scaffolding. The stage set-up involves two towers made of scaffolding and Completely Safe rusty corrugated iron, as well as a scaffolding platform connecting the two.  It’s only a matter of time before somebody gets impaled, breaks a bone or develops a case of tetanus. On the upside, it does look pretty cool. So that was seven hours of rehearsal, punctuated by a lunch break during which I had a coffee and a chocolate filled doughnut at Laurent’s. Yum.

After the rehearsal, I headed into the city for a band photoshoot. I saw a band called Zulya and The Children of the Underground (pictured) a while ago and passed on photos that I had taken during the gig through a mutual friend (Nick). So they decided to get me to take some promotional photography for them, as they’ve got a new album coming out. Woot! I met up with Zulya and took some portraits of her, travelling all around the place to get a variety of locations, before meeting up with the rest of the band and taking some of the group. All in all, we covered cafes, laneways, a shoe shop with interesting wallpaper, a lift in an old building, the ponds and water wall outside the NGV, Southbank, and Birrarung Marr. It was pretty fun, although quite challenging (especially the group shots, where it was practically guaranteed that somebody would blink in every photo).

Then home and Indian for dinner. I was very hungry and the food was very delicious, so this was very good. And now I’ve gone through all the photos and picked the good ones and done things to them and so forth. And now sleep, because I have to get up tomorrow and go to Flemington to teach children.


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