Day 162- January 30, 2010

I started my new job today, being a tutoring position at a weekend school. After contacting a family friend about the possibility of work there a while ago, I recently followed through and sent a resume. I got an interview on Wednesday and was given the job on the spot. Talk about things happening quickly. So I had the pleasure of spending a decent amount of time on public transport getting there and back (including one incident of getting on the wrong tram). It gave me time to read the book Sarah gave me for Christmas (Tuesdays with Morrie), which I started today, but I think I’ll drive from now on.

I got to the school and was told that from next week, I’ll have morning classes too. Hooray for more hours (and by extension, more pay)! I was also given Years 7 and 8 instead of 9 and 10, which is also good, because the material is simpler and the students presumably better behaved. The main difficulty with the classes was getting the students to contribute, as most just stared at their tables whenever I asked questions or for opinions. Luckily, some seem to be a bit responsive and look like they’ll have more to say later on once they feel more comfortable. I guess it’s all just a matter of time, and I’ll really looking forward to getting more of a feel for it.

Once I got home, I watched Frasier, ate the leftover Indian food and realised that I had absolutely no photo for the blog. It was for this reason that I decided to make caramel sauce to photograph. A secondary function of said sauce is that you can eat it, sometimes with icecream. Yum!


One response to “Day 162- January 30, 2010

  1. Congratulations on getting the morning classes – how exciting to have such a great start.

    And the sauce looks NOMMM

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