Day 163- January 31, 2010

Wonderful sleep-in today. Almost 1pm. I feel like I’ve made some headway on catching up on recent lost sleep, mostly induced by playing around on Lightroom into the wee hours of the morning.

Today was really a day of making and eating food and drink. Which I suppose is better for the mind than just sitting around, but containing significantly more calories. I made iced coffees in the food processor and Brandy Alexanders and a lemon custard tart. The iced coffees probably would have been better in a blender, but we only have a food processor, which is less suited to blending ice. Oh well, I might just have to invest in an ice crusher.

The Brandy Alexanders were alright, although I didn’t have one of the liquers and had to substitute for some strange coconut-y stuff we had lying around. Didn’t like the aftertaste. In retrospect, I should have used Baileys. But the tart worked out alright (pictured). I’ve also put a few more photos of it in various stages on Flickr. The only problem was that I made the sides too low and couldn’t put all the custard in, so it was a bit flat. Oh well, next time.

This is the second food photo in a row, and I fully intend to do more in the near future. I don’t have anything particularly interesting to photograph at the moment, and I’ve gotten a few cookbooks for Christmas. Not to mention I’ve been trawling through food sites and found some good ideas. At least it’s a more interesting way to take in a boatload of calories than going to McDonalds.


One response to “Day 163- January 31, 2010

  1. I own an old “Ice-matic”. It is brutal looking, but gets the job done.

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