Day 164- February 1, 2010

Strange to think that the first month of the year has already gone by! And only another month before university resumes. Heh. At least my New Years Resolution Reading Challenge is still on track, as I read my January Book (The Slap) and finished Tuesdays With Morrie today (it was very short). I’m thinking I’ll go with something Russian, seeing as I started The Master And Margarita some years ago and never finished it. Also, I should borrow and finish A Clockwork Orange at some point.

After a break of over a month and a half, I (with no small amount dread and anticipation) started going to the gym again. When I go back after a break, I’m always scared that I’ll get on the treadmill and run half a lap before collapsing or getting a stitch (because then people would totally laugh at me). Luckily, everything went alright, save for the crappy earphones I’m using now because my real ones broke and I haven’t bothered to replace them (totally mutilated Led Zeppelin).

Yoga was also fine, despite being a tad stiffer from the almost two months of no physical activity. Although it was only after I’d taken off my shoes and socks and was in a pose that involved having my legs up in the air (ooh er) that I realised I still had red nail polish on my toes from when Sarah or Anna or somebody like that vandalised my feet. Oh well, it’s all gone now.

Returning home, I accidentally missed the stop to change to the right line and ended up stranded in Rushall for a while. That was fun. But I still made it home in time for tutoring, with time for a cheese and pancetta sandwich and a shower (a most fortunate thing given that I hadn’t showered since the previous morning)! By the way, I had nothing amazing to photograph today, so Today’s Photo is of one of the lanterns we have hanging on the back veranda. The official explanation for why this is relevant to today is that the lanterns look good against the summer afternoon light; kind of capturing the feel of the moment, you know? Also, there’s bokeh. Never question the bokeh.


One response to “Day 164- February 1, 2010

  1. Crime and Punishment! That’s Russian!

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