Day 165- February 2, 2010

After a morning of vacuuming and playing Bowie on guitar (I’m getting there… damn bar chords!), I went to pick up Josiah, as it would have taken him a while to catch the tram and I was getting hungry. I decided to make Eggs Benedict. Why I did this, I can’t really remember, but I was searching recipes late last night so that may have had something to do with it. The first recipe I tried for hollandaise sauce was a complete failure, giving me a firm and fluffy butter concoction (which I then attempted to fix with a microwave). After pouring the first attempt down the sink, I found a better recipe and actually managed to make the sauce, although I did end up with quite a sore wrist from the 10 or so minutes of constant whisking.

The other issue was poaching the eggs, which I’d never done before either (in fact, I’ve never even eaten a poached egg). But this too turned out alright (apart from the first egg, which I poured in too slowly, and subsequently turned into a spiral shape). So it worked out alright, even though the bread and pancetta were a bit cold by the time I’d gotten everything together.

We watched Dylan Moran and, in the evening, went off to to the Botanical Gardens to see a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream (pictured), during which I took photographs until I was asked to stop (bastards). Like every time I’ve been to the Gardens, we got lost (including even before we got there, being on the wrong tram), but at least this time didn’t end up buying tickets to go see Zoolander (and end up having to scalp them). luckily, we didn’t miss too much and the play was really good fun, and managed to incorporate some modern elements (including extra lines in modern language) quite well. I know some people would be against any change to the original text, but I thought it was done well and enhanced the humour. Also, there was quite a lot of acrobatics. That Puck is one flexible fairy.


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