Day 167- February 4, 2010

Argh. My ipod is officially dead. I’d hoped to get it repaired, but apparently “big water on motherboard” means nothing can be done. Argh! And all because I am inexperienced in the ways of using a Thermos (that little sipping hole will always get you).

I started back at Pilates today, during which I was contorted into most unnatural positions. Firstly, I am incredibly inflexible, so anything like this is very difficult for me. Perhaps one day I will be able to comfortably touch my toes (although I did feel better when my Yoga instructor told me about someone she knew who could only cross his legs after three years of Yoga). I found it particularly difficult to do one exercise which involved being almost on your head with your legs on the ground behind you, because I kept falling forward. Apparently I was doing something wrong, but I can’t understand exactly what. No matter. I’ll learn eventually.

After rehearsal, during which many lines were fudged and many people yelled at by the director, I went to Scott’s place. I originally wrote on his Facebook wall, suggesting he come to my place or I to his. Then Miko commented that she wanted to come and then I think Andrew said something. Needless to say, there are now several dozen comments on that status, which has evolved into an argument about the merit of immigrants working as cleaners. So even though Scott never invited anybody, a bunch of us (although not Miko, strangely) ended up going to his place tonight.

We ate fried rice (of which I was forced to take leftovers home) and watched a horror movie called Drag Me To Hell. I thought it was pretty scary, although some bits (say, for instance, the talking possessed goat) were laughable (or funny, depending on whether that was intentional). There were also some downright disgusting bits, including vomit and worms and old people. Scary stuff. Today’s photo, for lack of anything else (apart from a photo of Scott), is a photo of Mina. Sorry Mina. My Official Reason For Blog Inclusion is that Mina is studying in Queensland and I don’t get to see him much. I’d make up some crap about old friends, but I can’t be bothered. And I’ve only known him for about three or four years.


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