Day 168- February 5, 2010

Today, I watched three movies. I like that as a statement of what I did with my day. It’s succinct, informative and the number three always works well, even if it does bring to mind the Holy Hand Grenade scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

After a lovely sleep in, I had some lovely avocado toast and a lovely cup of coffee. Lovely, lovely, everything lovely. I’m beginning to sound like Mum’s homeopath (“Isn’t that just lovely, Mrs Sheko?”). Then, Andrew came over (that’s him playing guitar in Today’s Photo), bearing a movie and a laptop playing Manhattan Transfer. The movie in question was Black Sheep, a New Zealand quasi-horror but mostly comedy film about mutant zombie sheep. You know, the typical scenario with scientists doing naughty things to DNA without regard for the implications and then pesky environmentalists releasing said DNA experiments without regard for why things are stamped BIOHAZARD. Hilarious terrible, and wonderfully tongue-in-cheek the whole time.

We then watched Southland Tales (by Richard Kelly of Donnie Darko fame), which was an absolutely confusing, incoherent but fantastic mess of humour, violence, apocalyptic fantasy, absurdity and Justin Timberlake doing a Killers cover. It’s been absolutely panned by critics, and I think that’s brilliant. It really is a mess, but it’s so much fun. I mean, come on, a “Mega Zeppelin”? A hole in the time-space continuum? The Rock being married to the daughter of an influential senator and then being kidnapped by neo-Marxists, driven over the time rip, being cloned by said time rip, developing amnesia, having an affair with a porn star and then taking on a second identity as a character from his own screenplay? I can’t even remember half the things that happened in that movie. God, it was brilliant.

The third movie I watched (this was after Andrew went home, if anybody is trying to keep track of the time… my pacing is worse than the first Twilight movie) was a 60s Czech film called The Firemen’s Ball. We’d got it from an internet DVD rental service (it’s pretty nifty– they send out movies to you and you just mail them back whenever you feel like it), and it was one that Mum had been meaning to watch for a while, having stumbled upon it on SBS a few years ago. It’s supposed to be society commentary in its criticism of government incompetence, but even if you’re not thinking about that aspect, it’s incredibly funny. The movie is about (as you might have guessed) a ball, and everything that’s going wrong. There is a table with lottery prizes, which are progressively stolen as the night goes on; and the dirty old firemen are trying to organise a beauty pageant (without much success, as the girls are reluctant to participate, are mostly ugly and all run away in the end). All in all, bizarre things keep happening, and for me, there’s an unmistakable resemblance to experiences I’ve had with Russians. Eastern Europeans are weird.


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