Day 169- February 6, 2010

Today was my second Saturday at work, being the weekend tutoring school I’ve told you all about in a previous post (cbf linking). I know I’ve said this before, but I really like this job and think I’ll be doing it for a while. And I survived my first day of having four classes (six hours of teaching all up). Also, I drove instead of taking public transport, which cut my travel time by almost two-thirds (apart from the bit where I was in the wrong lane coming back and ended up in the city by accident). Much nicer.

It did feel kind of strange though, having to teach year 8 three times in a row (and having to teach the exact same material each time). I suppose at some point I’ll shake it up a bit by improvising more and bringing in my own material, but for now I’m just getting in the swing of things. For example, there was a newspaper article comprehension exercise that referred to a photo which wasn’t included with the article. So I had to draw a picture of a dead whale beached at Dee Why. My drawing skills are atrocious, as is the quality of the generic-brand whiteboard markers (with Asian lettering on the side) they give us. At least it amused the students.

I read some more of the book I recently pilfered from Mum (The Solitude of Prime Numbers) in my lunch break. I’m quite liking it. And enjoying reading more. I haven’t read this much for a while, and don’t really know why I ever stopped. And now with my ipod being broken, there’s more of an incentive for me to spend my time on public transport reading. Methinks I’ll pilfer some more of Mum’s books, seeing as she pilfers them from her library anyway. (Pilfer just seems to be the official verb for books).

When I got home, I barbecued some lamb for dinner. Mum and I made a basic marinade and it didn’t sit in it for very long, but was still pretty tasty. Mmm barbecue. I think I do it some more while the weather is still good. And then I made chocolate mousse for dessert (Today’s Photo). In case you’re wondering, it’s been sprinkled with cocoa and random dabs of cream. Yum!


One response to “Day 169- February 6, 2010

  1. Make mousse again tomorrow?

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