Day 170- February 7, 2010

More rehearsal. The second act is coming together a bit more, which both a relief and pleasing. Meanwhile, due to the stage setting (two towers on the thrusts and a scaffolding platform across the stage), the piano is currently pretty much backstage. This means I can’t see most of upstage, can’t really hear solo singers, have very little light by which to see my music and very little oxygen to breathe (it’s quite stuffy there). It’s a bit difficult to know what to play since I can’t see and can only barely hear the conductor or anybody giving directions. I could take matters into my own hands– if I procured a standing fan, large mirror and a desk lamp, everything will be ok. But I won’t. Except maybe the lamp. I’m sure I could ask for one of those.

But I didn’t have anything really to take a photo of. I didn’t take my camera to the rehearsal, and there wasn’t that much in the way of evening activities. I had a look at the DailyShoot challenge (I’ve been meaning to do them, but like a lot of things, haven’t been bothered much). Today’s challenge was to take a photo of curves suggesting movement. I went outside to try to get some angles of plants that looked curvy. Fail. I took some of the creeper vines on our backyard instead. There was a small insect on one of them, so I spent about about twenty minutes photographing him. It’s very difficult to get the focus right at that distance, especially as the vine blows around an awful lot. Today’s photo is a silhouette of said insect. That’s pretty much it for today. The only thing I could do is give a log of everything I’ve eaten, but I tend to do that a bit too much.


3 responses to “Day 170- February 7, 2010

  1. I follow you blog via your mother’s tweets. I’ve enjoyed your adventure but had to drop a comment by today simply b/c of the title. As a “science” guy, one of best courses was in entomology and I just had to check out this photo. Sure enough, it’s fantastic.

    Looks like a shield or stink bug but it’s difficult to tell without seeing it from above. But you have to love a good mystery.

    Be well.

  2. Thanks, Hiram. I’m not really sure about what sort of insect it is (not being an entomologist myself!). Here’s a better view of the beetle, if you haven’t seen it before:

  3. Ok, got it! It’s a milkweed bug. It’s fun playing detective but this one I actually recognized.

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