Day 171- February 8, 2010

Pretty ordinary day, but somewhat hot. I made my way, somewhat begrudgingly, out of bed (that’s always a good first step) and to the gym. Unfortunately, what with my ipod being broken (cf. The One Where Sasha’s Ipod Drowns), I’ve taken to listening to my ipod mini from a few years (cue Borat comment about said variety of ipod and its suitability exclusively for “girls”). It still does the job, even if the battery lasts about two hours if I’m lucky (and I can’t see the album name– very annoying if you’re on shuffle and trying to figure out what version of the song is playing).

Yoga was also good, what with crossing elbows across knees, stretching out through our fingertips and supporting the body entirely by the hip region (an uncomfortable pose for men). And this week, I managed to get on the right train and home in time for tutoring (not to mention a shower and lunch in between– the former being especially vital). Tutoring and vacuuming the house took up the remainder of the evening (apart from a smattering of Seinfeld, which is another Important Thing).

Today’s photo is a Daily Shoot challenge– not something I took today, but something that I put together today, so it’s alright. The challenge was to tell a story in three pictures, so I made this A Softer World-esque “triptych” from photos of Sarah making fruit juice. I like the way it looks, even if the dimensions of it mean that it shows up quite small. Click here to see it in a larger size.


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