Day 173- February 10, 2010

Well, I stayed inside today. With most of the blinds drawn. No, I haven’t suddenly turned into a hermetic recluse (or a reclusive hermit, if that’s more your thing). It was just pretty hot. So as I couldn’t be bothered braving the heat to go to the gym, I stayed at home, watching tv and eating icecream and other things (you know, the healthy choice).

I balanced out having seen Law Abiding Citizen (terrible movie, but hilarious) last night with Moon, a much better movie, and one that, as an added bonus, was directed by Bowie’s son (Duncan Jones)! It’s a bit 2001: A Space Odyssey-ish, except the self-aware robot is good, and it never gets quite as trippy as the former. The soundtrack was also really good, although it didn’t say who wrote the music on Wikipedia.

And then to rehearsal for the musical. I’ll be playing the grand piano with a synthesizer placed on top of it, which looks pretty cool. Most of the rehearsal seems to consist of adjusting the effects on the guitars (“for the last time, no wah-wah!”), but we’re getting through it. Only six or something weeks to go.

When I arrived home, I realised that I had nothing to photograph. But it was alright, because Dad had chopped up the very large zucchini that somebody had given us, and I photographed that instead of anything I actually did today. It kind of looks like a cityscape of zucchini (Crazy Eco-Idealist Suggestion #235: Build cities out of vegetables to reduce carbon emissions), so that’s good enough for me. The only other thing I did today was learn to play Nobody Does It Better by Carly Simon on guitar, but you can’t really photograph that. Zucchini city it is.


One response to “Day 173- February 10, 2010

  1. FYI Dad did not chop the zucchini.

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