Day 174- February 11, 2010

Another boring day. I’m kind of looking forward to uni resuming, even if it means I won’t be able to sleep in as much. I seem to thrive on structure and a timetable, even if I don’t go to all the lectures (I like the delusional idea that I’m operating according to a timetable). I’m looking forward to a new year, hopefully with slightly less wank. For one, I don’t have to take any more “interdisciplinary foundation subjects” (cf. Self and Other). Also, I’ve picked some useful-sounding subjects (however boring Public Policy Making might sound, it does seem like something useful and devoid of Freudian theories). The only downside is that those three or four week units which I hated in first-year Psychology are now semester-length subjects, and compulsory ones at that. Oh well- you win some, you lose some.

I went to Pilates today, starting a new book on the train. In my grand tradition of borrowing books from Mum, promising to write reviews and then reneging on said promises, I swiped The Master And Margarita from her bedside table. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a Soviet satire featuring the devil (and friends, including a diabolical cat), Russian pessimism and lots of shouting. It’s very funny. I think that if I can be bothered to actually use my time in transit reading this year, I’ll be able to catch up on my reading. It’s good fun.

After coming home for lunch (a most delicious avocado, chicken and cheese grilled sandwich), it was off to another rehearsal (I guess my life is still semi-structured). At least the piano’s been moved forward a bit so that I can see a bit more of what’s going on (although it’s still incredibly hard to hear what’s happening on stage from backstage). We actually managed to get through quite a bit today (most of the first act), and I got to yell at the kids (score). I’ll be interested to see how it all turns out and how it will look once the costuming and lighting are added, but of course I won’t be able to see any of that (damn).

Another day of absolutely nothing meaningful to photograph. Today’s photo is of the fridge and the official justification is that you can see the ingredients of today’s lunch in it (cheese in drawer hanging off top shelf, avocado in green-lidded container on top shelf and chicken in large blue-lidded container on third shelf). However, there is something in this fridge that shouldn’t be there. See if you can find it (no prizes, just respect).


2 responses to “Day 174- February 11, 2010

  1. I found it! I found it!

  2. I can’t find it…
    However, in my defence, “Where’s [x]” is not my strong suit this late.

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