Day 175- February 12, 2010

Another sleep in. I’m rather enjoying it, although I should stop going on about it in case it irritates the Useful Members of Society who actually do Productive Things. Oh well, the weekend is coming up, so I can feel entitled to sleep in (well, apart from getting up for rehearsal on Sunday).

Most of the day involved doing pretty much nothing. I practised my parts for an accompanist job I’m doing next week, had some eggs on toast for lunch and started cataloging and photographing various things for sale on eBay. I’ll start by selling my and Maxim’s bikes from when we were kids, a mini-trampoline, some sort of mini stepping machine and a large wardrobe (just to break the streak of mini-things). The last thing I sold online was my Gameboy, and that was ages ago, so here’s hoping I’ll be able to do it right (we’ve been getting advice from Mum’s friend on how best to do listings).

In the evening, the family went to a concert of the violinist Nigel Kennedy. I stayed home because I didn’t think it was my kind of thing, but apparently a lot of the program was Ellington. Oh well. I spent the evening redecorating my room, as I wanted to put up some postcards that Sarah had given me. I think I should work on my postcard collection, or get some photos printed. Am possibly developing a sticking-stuff-to-my-walls addiction, but that’s ok (unless Blue-Tack turns out to be toxic, in which case I am royally screwed).

So I took pretty much everything down and started with sorting the postcards and arranging them into some sort of ordered grid (how anal), which is Today’s Photo. I also put up some pages I pulled from a stack of New Scientist magazines Mum had rescued from the library a while back. And some posters I found in my wardrobe (including a Kandinsky print). And then all the things I had up in the first place. At last count, I have 122 things up on my walls. I think I need more. More! (I’m just waiting for somebody to say “Sir, don’t you think you’ve had enough?”– luckily there is no such thing as Responsible Service of Blue-Tack).


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