Day 179- February 16, 2010

Had lunch with my cousin Kira today. Today being the 16th, as opposed to last week, when I went to the city to meet her, only to realise it was the wrong date. How silly of me. But today when I arrived at Collins Place, there was Kira! Hooray!

We had lunch across the street from her work, the unforutnately-named VAGO (Victorian Auditor-General’s Office) at a fairly nice cafe. Since I’m studying Politics and looking into a career in that field, I thought it would be good to talk to somebody who could give me advice. So we talked about my studies and what I’m interested in, as well as the experiences she’s had, both in her job, and things like internships whilst still at university. At the moment, she’s investigating the government’s response to a spate of farmer suicides, an assignment that involves having to travel out to rural areas and stay in dingy motels. Poor Kira.

Regrettably, I did not take a photo of Kira doing the Patented Zarucky Food Pose, so Today’s Photo is instead a very grainy one of the escalator at Parliament Station. The escalators there are about 200m long (I’m guessing). I tried looking up the length and couldn’t find anything (or, at least, gave up before I did), but I did find this photo of the construction of the station. Trippy.

I came home to find a reply from the guitarist from The Bamboos, to whom I’d emailed the photos from Sunday’s St Kilda Festival. He seemed interested in them, which was cool. I’m thinking of making up business cards, so if I send out photos, I can try to get my name out. Oh well, I’ll work on that. And I also rehearsed a bit with Dougal, whose voice audition is tomorrow. I can now add accompanist to my list of occasional forms of casual employment. Huzzah!


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